A block of rooms is considered 3 or more rooms. Only the designated housing coordinator should be setting up blocks for their group. Please refer to the event housing site for information about booking individual rooms (one or two rooms). 

Check in and check out dates are defaulted to Friday and Saturday. Shop for these peak nights first to view all availability. You can add additional nights later.

  • Keep # of rooms at 1

  • Update occupancy to 4

All availability will be shown on this page. If you would like, you can refine your search using the filter options on the left. Click update results to filter your results.


Need help? Check out the chat feature at the bottom of the page. We will respond promptly to assist you! 

Select a property and click view rates.


Here you can update the check-in and check-out dates if you want to offer additional nights to families.


  • Click Check Rates to show availability for each night.

  • Scroll down to see available room types.

  • Click cancellation policy for hotel policies.

  • Click View Daily Rates to see the amount of rooms available each night.

  • To add these rooms to your shopping cart, click HOLD GROUP BLOCK.

Fill out the number of rooms you are holding on each night. Fill out your contact information and Group Name (Your Group Name should be the same gym/program name in which you register.)

Hit PLACE ROOMS ON HOLD. This will move your rooms into a virtual cart.

Note: Courtesy blocks are meant to be set up by authorized Gym Coordinators, Owners, Directors or designated parties only. TTS reserves the right to release blocks held by those who aren’t authorized.

Once your rooms are in your cart, you can continue shopping by clicking 'Back to room options" to see additional room types within the same hotel. OR, you can click "View Other Properties" to see what other options are available.


If you choose to add more rooms, don’t worry! We’ve saved your information from the first hold block.

Once you have completed your block with the amount of rooms desired, click I’M FINISHED, SEND EMAIL. You must click this button to be finished confirming your block.

You will receive TWO different types emails.

First email will have your custom booking link to all of your rooms. This is the link that should be sent to parents.

Second type of email will come PER HOTEL. This email contains a link where you can view the rooming list for each hotel for your group AND will include the CUT OFF DATE for your group.


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