What is the purpose of a housing requirement? 

The purpose of a housing requirement is two-fold. First, the ability to secure the best space for an event in the ideal time frame is directly tied to the ability to deliver and track hotel room nights. Cities build convention centers to bring in business. Cities measure a convention’s impact on their city’s economy based on hotel room usage. If an event can prove their positive economic impact on the city by accounting for all their participants utilizing their hotels, then the city will in turn help the event to secure the best possible dates and rates for the future. This is true for huge city-wide events as well as smaller events in smaller cities.

The second purpose of a housing requirement is to protect our customers. Having a housing requirement allows our housing partners the ability to negotiate the lowest rates, and hold those rates firm for our customers, preventing supply and demand from influencing rate changes. These negotiations also include getting the best amenities and the best cancellation policies with premier hotel properties near the venue.


How does a customer benefit from attending event where housing is required? 

Housing requirements at events will…

  • Ensure the event is held on the most ideal date

  • Lock in the lowest hotel rates at the premier properties

  • Guarantee hotel room types

  • Ensure hotel terms and conditions are fair and team-friendly

  • Allow you to collect and use your hotel loyalty points

If I need assistance with a reservation, what should I do?

Contact Team Travel Source at 502-354-9103 or via email at info@teamtravelsource.com. You can also access our Live Chat feature at www.teamtravelsource.com.

What is the TTS cancellation fee?

Team Travel Source has a non-refundable cancellation fee (amount subject to change by event) for any reservation that is cancelled after a specified date. This fee helps to ensure the validity of each reservation. Team Travel Source strives to provide the best available options to all attendees and to ultimately secure as many people as possible in the hotel of their choice. This fee is only charged when a confirmed reservation is canceled after the specified cancellation date. This date is specific to each event and is stated on your reservation confirmation email. Please keep in mind the hotel will have their own cancellation policy that will be charged in addition to any TTS cancellation fees. 

Where can I find the details of the cancellation policies?

Both the TTS cancellation policy (if applicable) and the hotel cancellation policy are listed on the email confirmation.

If I transfer my room reservation to another parent/person, will I incur the TTS cancellation fee?

If you transfer your reservation, there are no transfer or cancellation fees.

If my team does not qualify for an event, do I still have to pay the TTS cancellation fee?

After verifying with the tournament organizers that your team did not qualify for the event, TTS will waive the TTS cancellation fee.

If my athlete is injured, do I still have to pay the TTS cancellation fee?

If you are able to provide a doctor’s note that he/she is injured and unable to play, we will waive the TTS cancellation fee. You can email us at info@teamtravelsource.com.  Make the email subject, “Cancellation Exception” and include your Passkey Acknowledgment Number and event name along with the doctors note.


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